Confusion In The Ranks

On the heels of the post about how “Autumn is most certainly coming now, bla-bla,” I have to say…it seems to me like only part of our yard is catching on. The pumpkins are doing their best to look all nice and Autumy. Two points for them.

The choke cherries–if that’s what they are–look ready to feed the birds till December. Good job choke cherries.

And our wood pile is set to “extra dry” in anticipation of cooler things to come. Way to go wood pile.

But I ask you…

What is Autumn-ish about a rose bush that’s still blooming all over the place?

Down rose bush, down.

And doesn’t parsley know that when you pick every last bit of it–it’s not suppose to…

come back again?

Enough already, parsley.

And why is it that now, in mid October we’re finally–FINALLY–getting a few piles of tomatoes? Ok, that’s not so bad, but still…

Why won’t the seasons behave like they’re suppose to?!

Tis’ a puzzlement.


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13 Replies to “Confusion In The Ranks”

  1. One year, when we lived in Centerville, we had BEAUTIFUL full blooming roses on Thanksgiving day. The rose bushes were up against the front of the house and it faced east. All we could figure is the sun warmed the bricks and the bricks held in enough heat to keep the roses coming. Thank heavens the tomatoes finally kicked in – I’ve done about 8 batches of salsa in the last 3 weeks and there’s more to do – better late than never I guess.

  2. It’s all continuing……because it’s God’s great bounty, and the roses are to add a bit of beauty for a little longer. 🙂

  3. I wonder what is going on here in Maine also. My rose bush has grown so tall and is blooming again…Christmas cactus is blooming a few months ahead of time. celia

  4. You know, now that you mention it… it is pretty odd that I can look out my back window and see the neighbors tree that leaves have turned to a BEAUTIFUL red, but out my front window all the leaves on my trees are green, green, green! Silly trees! I can just see all the yellow leaves covering the SNOW in a few months. 😛 Ha ha ha!

  5. I’d love your recipe. I really don’t know what to make with the ones we have–that anyone will eat, that is. Do you share?

  6. I just hope they turn before we GET snow. That one year when we had the early snow it just turned all the leaves black and they never really fell. The just sat there looking gross all winter. I love the Autumn colors, so I hope we don’t miss them.

  7. We go through this confusion every year. You can’t live on the mountain without having the weather be a little confusing. Love your pictures though, and love your thoughts. I am not near ready for winter yet, but I have a feeling it is coming fast! (30 degrees this morning for my walk!)

  8. See? It’s nuts! We had to turn the cooler on this afternoon because it was too warm to function without it–but I just walked out to my car this evening with sandals on and my feet are nearly frozen–no lie. Sheesh.

  9. You know, I’ve recently discovered a new trick for unused fresh herbs. Pull the leaves off and/or chop ’em up. Basically just get them in whatever stated you would like to use them in. Then stuff them in an ice cube tray (you can pre-measure if you like, but I just stuff). Cover them with water and freeze. When they’re frozen pop them out and save in a freezer bag. Then, you can toss fresh cubes of cilantro, basil, parsley, rosemary or whatever you want into whatever you want. The taste is fantastic! (Not quite as good as fresh-fresh but leaps beyond dried.)

  10. I guess what I’m getting at is that if only I were closer I would gladly take that parsley off your hands for you. Since that’s not happening, I thought I’d tell you what I’d do with it if I did have it. Shame to waste such goodness.

  11. What a fabulous idea! I need to find some ice cube trays and get that parsley out! I’m pretty sure we have more dill out there too. :}

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