Halloween Candy Garland

Now, if you’re an old timer to Gracious Rain you may be sayin’ “Whoa, Nellie–you already made this sweet, little garland a couple of years back!”

And I would say back to you–“That’s right…sort of.”

First of all, the last candy garland got eaten by “woodland creatures” so a new one was in order.  This time, it’s much easier to make. Seriously, took about 20 minutes start to finish.

Just a simple crochet chain stitch and every 10 stitches I wrapped the loop around one end of the taffy, pulled it tight and kept right on going. Cinchy.

However, if you have a house with little people in it, like we do, you’ll have to either hang it up high or just be ready to have it nibbled on by the critters.

This time–I’ll take my chances with the outdoor squirrels.

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