Snow Buddies

Doesn’t this ancient picture of “Snow Babe April” remind you of the picture of the little kid who was so bundled up that they couldn’t move? Cracks me up because I completely did that to my kids. In fact, whenever Prell was wearing this snow suit–with all the extra layers beneath it–we had to carry her up the stairs because with these tall boots and thick leggings she couldn’t actually bend her knees. But I’ll tell you–she was warm.

And check out her pint sized snow man. His eyes are made out of…Doritos.Yeah, in retrospect, I find that quite odd too.

But what the heck…

we were fresh out of coal.

Hope you’re all staying warm in all this white stuff my friends.


2 Replies to “Snow Buddies”

  1. We never had snow suits growing up. We would just layer and layer. We came inside when we were soaked through. It was so fun!

  2. I need to get better at bundling up Baby Chomp so she can have her own little adventures in the snow. I’m sure I’m depriving her of some frosty experiences, while I try to keep her from getting sick from the cold.

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