Simple. Fancy. Frames.


Simple? Fancy?

framesss (6)

Simple? Fancy? Sounds like somebody needs to pick a lane here.

But wait.

Frames (7)

You start with some pretty simple stuff…like basic, blank, boring wooden frames.

Frames (8)

Choose some scrapbook paper that you really like.


Find scissors and dig out the Mod Podge.

Frames (1)

You can trace around the frame if that floats your boat…

Frames (9)

or you can just cut out enough to fit the frame, generally. Either way.

frames again (1)

Paint on the Mod Podge. Have you noticed that it’s actually so much more fun to say, “Modge Podge?” I try very hard to say it just like that whenever the Bald Kid is around. It makes his eye twitch. That’s the goal.

frames again (2)

Even out the gluey stuff. Press the paper onto the sticky surface–right side up…of course. Smooth it out so that there are no bubbles under the paper. We used the end of the paintbrush and a baking scrapper… but you could use a bone folder if you’re really prepared. Now this is important—be sure to let the glue dry.

Frames (4)

Poke a hole in the middle and cut out the excess paper.

framesss (2)

Cut just a bit closer to the frame than silly Lyndi…keep cutting you nut!

Frames (5)

Now, take a file or emery board and sand the edges. It will cut the excess paper off in the process. If your paper and glue isn’t dry you run the risk of tearing the paper with the file. So again–be sure it’s all dry before you sand it.

Frames (6)

Keep going.

framess (1)

Make sure to get all the edges…

framesss (5)

inside and out.

framess (3)

Top coat it with another dose of “Modge Podge”… ha ha. There are eyes twitching behind me. Heh.

framesss (7)

Let them dry. Let them dry. Let them dry.

Framessss (2)

Now—add the sparkly little doo-dads that make it fancy. Oh, I think this generation calls them “embellishments.” La-tee-da.



Now then–is this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Simple? Check. Fancy? Check. Fabulous? Check.


Or–if you just want someone to do it all for you–check out Somebody’s Stuff. You’ll love it!


Lyndi26th birthday (6)

Happy Birthday my sweet Lyndi!


Week # 25 Food Storage Prompt is: 100 lbs. of wheat.

5 Replies to “Simple. Fancy. Frames.”

  1. I agree with April! I love them! Wheat at Costco is $19.99 for a 45 lb. bucket of hard white wheat. I love wheat!!

    Happy Birthday Lyndi…I love you!!!!

  2. YAY!!! Thank you guys sooo SOOO much!!! My favorite part of birthdays is sharing fun and love and happiness with friends and family! Thanks for starting things off right!

    These frames are way easier than I thought they would be! I made them take way longer than they needed to, because I couldn’t decide which paper, which embellishments, which pictures… you know me!?! 😛

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