The Winner…

of the “Boost Your Brain Puzzle Pack” is…

August 28 020

Cyntha Brady!

Congratulations my dear! You did it!

And so you know–everyone who emailed me with their answers got it right! So congratulations to all you smart little whipper-snappers. I told you we’re smarter than they were in Einstein’s day. Ha!

If anyone would like the solution to the puzzle–either email me at or leave me your email in the comments. I’ll send you the whole grid.

Thanks everyone. This was really fun!

3 Replies to “The Winner…”

  1. Umm, you spelled the name wrong… It’s “Cyntha No i” not Cynthia… she is my big sister and bestest friend!!! I’m so so so excited for her!!! I just notified her to check… She is way excited!!

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