Shhhh…Baby Sleeping

Sadly, we’ve had a bit of this going on for the past few days–Miss Pook and mom…under the weather.

I’ll give them tons of this—Echinacea…and…Good and Plenty…the perfect get well remedy. ha ha.

We’ll load them up on tons of water, because everyone knows you need to drink plenty of liquids at a time like this.

But mostly, I think it’s a time to snuggle up into a warm little ball, and just sleep it all off.  It’ll feel better in a day or two…honest.

Happy Birthday baby Chompy–how we love you. You’ve been ours for 2 years today–and we can’t begin to remember life before you came.

Sleep now and feel better little muffin. We’ll celebrate you soon.

7 Replies to “Shhhh…Baby Sleeping”

  1. Oh my little Baby Chomp. It’s crazy that she’s been here that long… 2 years always seems like a long time when you’re standing at the beginning of it. I love knowing that I have millions and trillions more days with her! Thanks for the well wishes… she’s already doing lots better than just yesterday. 🙂

  2. Poor little baby and mom! Love you guys, and hoping you get better soon. Happy birthday baby Chompy!

  3. Awwww! I hope you guys get feeling better soon!!! What a sweetheart! Happy birthday baby (not so baby) Chompy!!

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