Scotch Eggs

Saw this recipe online awhile back and was intrigued. Could there truly be something on the Scottish menu that isn’t deep fried or boiled in a sheep’s stomach? I can hear my little Scottish daddy laughing this very minute–because he didn’t think so. But I’m here to tell you that these tasty little breakfast bites are delicious—magnamoniously delicious–without frying.

No. Lie.

Simple ingredients too.

1 lb Bulk sausage

8 Hard Boiled Eggs

Bread Crumbs

Now, if you’re like me, you likely need a bit more flavor than boring old bread crumbs offer.

I had garlic croutons in the cupboard so we used them instead. Any flavor would work well. A food processor would have worked well too. I’m just saying…

Hard boil the eggs. Shell them–I shouldn’t have to tell you that, but I want to be clear.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Beat 1 raw egg in a bowl and set aside. 

Wrap a thin layer of sausage around each of the hard boiled eggs. I worried that this part would be hard–but the sausage was quite a team player and stuck to the egg very politely.

For further wise-woman insight, I’ll explain…

I used vinyl gloves for this bit because while the sausage sticks to the egg very nicely, it has a tendency to stick to your hands as well. Hence the gloves.  I roll about 1-2 Tbsps of sausage into a flat line from the bottom of my palm to the tips of my fingers. Lay the egg on top of the sausage and roll the sausage around it. Smush it around to cover the top and bottom of the egg. You’ll find that you’ll end up rolling it into a round ball. Now, dip your fingers into the beaten egg and gently spread over the sausage.  

Now, roll them in the bread crumbs.

Aren’t they cute? Bake them about 30 minutes–turning each one over after about 15 minutes, so that they cook evenly.

I thought maybe sausage gravy would be stupendous with these babies, but alas, we couldn’t wait. It was all I could do to get this picture before vultures started to circle. Warning Will Robinson–these don’t last long once the guys see them. I’m thinking they would make yummy lunch snacks…if you hide them.

Now go forth…

and make us proud.

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Happy St.Andrew’s Day!

(the patron saint of Scotland–of course!)
Scotch Eggs
  • Bulk sausage
  • Eggs
  • Bread Crumbs
  1. Hard boil the eggs.
  2. Shell them.
  3. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  4. Beat 1 raw egg in a bowl and set aside.
  5. If you are interested in more flavor you can mix a bit of sage or Ranch powder in with your sausage.
  6. Wrap a thin layer of sausage around each of the hard boiled eggs.
  7. Dip each sausage ball into the raw egg.
  8. Now, roll them in the bread crumbs.
  9. Bake them about 30 minutes–turning each one over after about 15 minutes, so that they cook evenly.


14 Replies to “Scotch Eggs”

  1. I know this is going to sound really lame (I mean after all, how many years have I been the head cook around here? and I do realize this is something I should really know) but okay, here it goes, confession time. . . what is the secret to peeling an egg and having it come out to look like an egg, you know all shiny and smooth every time? Sometimes it works at house and sometimes it doesn’t and I haven’t figured out what makes it go either way. If you have the magic answer (and there’s no doubt you do) I’d appreciate you sharing. There, that feels better – (thank heavens I don’t have a picture attached to this for fear of running into someone who would recognize and identify me as probably the only one in the world who struggles with this.)

  2. HAAA! Your timing is perfect.
    While I was peeling the eggs for this very recipe–I said, OUT LOUD, “When I get to heaven, my very first question to Heavenly Father will be: “What the heck…” ok, I’d probably leave out the heck part, “…makes the difference between an egg that WILL come out of the shell and one the WON’T?!!!” Oh, and I probably won’t yell either…just saying…

    Someone told me that it’s the freshness of the egg–or not. Then I’ve heard that if you boil them with salt in the water it helps–but I always do that. Then I came to believe that it’s the structure of the egg itself. That’s my personal favorite–let’s blame it on the chicken! She didn’t eat properly the day she laid that egg.

    Be still my dear friend–it happens to us all. The magic I use for perfect eggs is not to take any pictures of the ugly ones.

    Come see us…we’ll eat cake…we love you.

  3. Whew, you have no idea how relieved I am, all this time I thought it was me! I personally like the idea of blaming it on the chicken 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you posted this. Every time Will goes to your house he comes home telling me about something amazing that you have made and that I need to get the recipe from you and make it. They look really good! I’ve actually had one before at a Scottish festival and I didn’t like the way the sausage tasted so now I can make my own with sausage I like!

  5. Jesse has wanted to try these FOREVER!!! He saw them once at a Scottish festival. They are usually fried, I think, but how great that they can be baked!!! We’ll have to try it out!

  6. I’m going to spice up the sausage next time with something…maybe sage or ranch or something. They were dang good I tell you. Your man is actually fun to feed. He reacts just beautifully–so good for my ego!

  7. How exciting! My friend and I used to make these growing up, and I loved them. I have wanted the recipe for so long! I think we fried them, but anything that can be baked and taste just as good is awesome!
    I just ran across you blog for the first time today and I am having fun looking around. (and recognizing people. I must have gone to school with your kids or something…)

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