Say Cheese!

A cake pop 046

Something very peculiar is going on these days.

Whenever we hold up the camera, and say, “Smile!” this is what we get.

December 13, 2009 054

Or this.

A 137

What the…?


Awww…come on.

August 11 009

I think these babies are on to us and our blogging ways.

A 135

It’s getting so that…

AAA 077

to get a really great smile from either of them…

August 11 004

somebody’s got to stand on their head!

Ah, well–as long as it isn’t me….

8 Replies to “Say Cheese!”

  1. They are ADORABLE! I can’t believe how fast they have grown! I finally get what my mom was saying. She used to tell me that when you have a baby don’t blink because they moment you do they are all grown up.

  2. Such cute kids! I love the name beckham too! (now to convince my husband 🙂 also, I am going to do myself a favor and pretend like I didn’t see that post on the buttermilk doughnuts! YUMO!

  3. Well–I need you to know that he was absolutely NOT named after the silly soccer player either! Our family name–back a few years–is Beck. So, that is where it came from.

    Those doughnuts smelled fabulous too. Filled the whole house…


  4. And you know it’s actually worse/better in real life–it’s just that I can’t always snap the camera fast enough.

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