Right This Minute…

I’m loving…

~some pretty little patterns that we picked up at the last Quilting Shop Hop…

and fabric to go with it!

~a new blueberry jam flavor that simply must be taste tested.  Yum.

~a little lady-bug that like to have her own space to read…

~a baby Magoo that believes he should crawl before he’s old enough to sit up. Slow down baby!

~a bit more order on the emergency preparedness checklist.

~ a backyard make over. More on that later.

~finding the dog bone cookie cutters I’ve been looking for–just in time. I’ll tell you about that later too.

What about you? What are you loving right this minute?  :}

5 Replies to “Right This Minute…”

  1. The crispness of the morning air, the garden vegies filling my fridge, busy schedules of my wonderful girls to keep up with, and the books sitting on my counter waiting for a new semester to begin.

  2. I’m loving the break that Sunday provides. I’m loving checking off Farmer’s Market after Farmer’s Market from our list of things to do this Summer. I’m TRYING to love that Fall is coming, without mourning the loss of a Summer that’s flown by… which will be easier once there are regular football games to watch. 🙂 I love hanging out with my Mom… especially when it involves following around certain food trucks that shall be named at a later time! 😉

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