Girls’ Night

 So, with Beckham away, on his first Father and son’s camp out–Lily decided that she would be needing a girl’s night out.  We all agreed.

Even the one boy who got to come.

Naturally, a million pounds of pizza was in order…

and doing girl-type stuff in the backyard that didn’t include monsters, zombies or bad guys. Just swinging and playing house and taking turns being “the mom.”

Then back inside to watch Pocahontas with it’s funny critters…

and magical love songs…

and lots of popcorn.

Next everyone chose their favorite color of toenail polish…

applied by Aunt April–

of course.

This was so much fun that the girls are trying to figure out how to get the guys to leave again someday very soon. It shouldn’t be too hard.

As long as we don’t tell them about the pizza.


2 Replies to “Girls’ Night”

  1. Girls nights are the best and there definitely needs to be more of them. I have my humanitarian nights on Thursdays so I can never make it to craft night too. (Talk about lack in girl time):(
    Oh well, looks like I should order pizza too. 😉

  2. Girl’s night was so fun; I’m glad Lily had such a great idea! 🙂 Thanks for having us all over April! Let’s play again soon! 😀 Thanks for documenting all the fun, Mom. I love being able to look back and easily remember all the neat stuff we do.

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