Rainbow Chevron Bag 2

It isn’t very often that I make the same pattern more than once. But this one was just too much fun to leave alone.

So, with the one I made a few weeks ago–posted here –I obeyed the pattern instructions to the letter. Why, I even used the same colors that they told me to.

But this time around, I used Peaches and Cream Cotton instead of Bamboo…

and let pink have more of the spotlight. Pink is, after all, the most beautiful color in the world. Heh, heh.

So far, I’ve been grabbed twice and asked for the pattern by complete strangers and begged mercilessly for a black and pink one from a good friend. Sheesh!

Yeah, I’m thinking this pattern is a keeper and I just may need to make a few more.

Color suggestions anyone?

:} Oh, and the pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn and it’s called “Rainbow Burst Tote.”

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3 Replies to “Rainbow Chevron Bag 2”

  1. The link to Lion is not working, can you send me the pattern? Or a new link?

  2. This is SUCH a cute bag! I think design would also be cute in patriotic colors or black & grey. 🙂

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