Pumpkin Surprise


The garden this year was a bust. It all got carried away and went totally out of control. I’d show you a picture, but it was too embarrassing. Besides, who takes a picture of a patch of 4 foot tall weeds? Honestly.


But then a funny thing happened. Once the temperature dropped and the nasty things started dying back, we found a few stalwart, brave pumpkins hiding in the forest, no doubt, hoping with all their pumpkin might, that we wouldn’t come out and torch the whole place. Isn’t that what farmers do to kill weeds?


We’ll work harder next year. No, I mean it. There was just something goofy about the plot this time. It was like a garden possessed.

But nice to know that even under all the weeds-gone-wild, a few pretty little things can still wait patiently, hiding out until we find them.

2 Replies to “Pumpkin Surprise”

  1. I love pumpkins. I don’t do much with them, but I just get happy looking at them. Ha ha ha!

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