Cream Puffs

Those of you who know me may remember that many moons ago, I used to have a Cream Puff business…yes I did. It was a lovely business, with the amazing recipe all locked away in a top secret vault…so to speak. Well there are still remnants of a few souls who remember that even though I don’t actually have a cream puff business any more–I do still know how and the Top Secret recipe is still tucked away in the same steel trap as always.

So really, there’s just one problem with making cream puffs for my most beloved brother’s youngest son’s wedding…

I’m not a strapping 28 year old any more. Not even close, actually. But I must have forgotten that somehow. So when someone says, “Hey. Can you make cream puffs for the wedding?” and I say, “Of course,” somebody should have popped out from behind a tree to remind me of just how many sunsets this old body has seen–and then poked me hard.

Can anyone say—six hundred cream puffs?



This very minute I am grateful for:

—a sweet daughter who worked even when I rested and reminded me of how much more fun work can be if you stop whining about it.

—friends who kindly fed us pizza and Chinese while we “puffed.”

—a wedding to go to…to deliver the aforementioned cream puffs.

—ice packs for swollen ankles.

Pictures to come–I swear. But they are all on Jillian’s camera and she’s asleep. So be brave and check back because…

—unless you’ve actually seen 600 cream puffs…well, you haven’t truly lived.

Food Storage Prompt for week 13:

1 bottle 100 count multiple vitamins

9 Replies to “Cream Puffs”

  1. I’m so grateful for your blog…I can always count on you to give me a smile when I need one! I also look forward to pictures!

  2. WOW! It has to have been a long time since I came over to chat because I didn’t know about this. Great work! Those cream puffs are fantastic!

  3. You, my friend, are simply amazing. Thanks for the smile and daily inspiration. Now put your feet up, read a good book, and send me your latest pick for your favorite summer read. Hey, maybe you could do a blog and have your readers recommend their favorites or new finds. And yes, I’m trying to get brave enough to write on my wonderful new blog. I left home yesterday at 6 am and returned home this morning at 2am – but I think that was my last day of work.
    PS the list is printed and everyone has a summer history journal – thanks again for sharing.

  4. You failed to mention that these are the world’s best cream puffs. And, that all those other cream puffs, like the Costco ones, don’t even count in comparison. Just sayin’.

  5. You know what’s really impressive is your consistency in blogging even throughout working on the 600 cream puffs!

  6. I second that they are the best tasting in the world!
    I’d like to offer a graditude as well: what if you had folks that wanted to help but had never done this before…. it would take you two or three times as long to finish the 600. Thank that younger body for having already done this a million times…
    love to all the bakers and photogs on this project.

  7. Go cream puffs, go!!!

    No… that wasn’t a fat joke!!!

    I hope there are some leftover because I wouldn’t say no to a cream puff!!! yUUUm!!! AWESOME!!!

    Good job you guys!!! You’re great and I’m sure you’ll be the hit of the wedding… besides the bride and groom of course! 😉

  8. You are truly the COOLEST AUNT EVER!!! Sorry to hear about the swollen ankles. I hope they get better soon. If you need anything, give me a call. :)))

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