The Sailor and the Flapper…


For the past few days–it’s been a bit rainy out.  Which means that I have no earthly choice…

I have to play with cotton and yarn and crochet hooks.

june-10-005Cardinal Red Flapper

Feels so perfect to sit somewhere soft and warm…or cool…and let the yarn and hook just go where they want to go.

june-10-011White Brimmed Sailor

Here’s where we ended up. Tell me what you think…

because it’s still raining.

8 Replies to “The Sailor and the Flapper…”

  1. Those are really beautiful hats. Do you create your own patterns? I haven’t created any hat patterns yet or found any online or in books that I really like. But yours are gorgeous!

  2. These are great… espcially since you’ve been putting cute little leafs on them!!! What size are these?!? Baby, big kid, grown up?!? I like to imagine who would be wearing them!!! 🙂

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