Those Pirates

My sister and her man invited me to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie the other day and of course I went. Aside from the fact that it was playing in an amazing theater…

and it was filled with Johnny Depp….

–let me say that again with emphasis—It was FILLED with JOHNNY DEPP!

He and I go way back.

But we also had the bonus of getting to see it in 3-D–something I’ve never, ever experienced before. They hand you your ticket and a cute little package with a funky pair of black sunglasses. If you put them on before they tell you to, everything will look chopped up and blurry and you might just trip over nothing and you could even start to feel a bit car sick. Don’t ask me how I know this. Just trust me and wait till the movie tells you to put them on.

Besides, you don’t want to miss THIS particular poster on your way down the hall. Pretty sure I’m too wimpy to see any show called “Abduction” but the poster of Jacob from Twilight was quite nice.  Ooops–did I say that out loud?

Here’s a movie-going tip of the day. If you want the theater all to yourself, just show up for the 9:30 am show on a Saturday.  There were like six other people in the building so we could pretty much yell to each other about how darn cute Mr. Depp was and nobody would care one little bit. My kinda movie!

I admit that it was very odd putting sunglasses on in the dark and over my own glasses at that. But 3-D was really a fun new adventure. And seriously…it’s always ok with me if that Captain Jack fellow seems to be standing a whole lot closer.

BAH-ha ha!

What about you? Have you seen the new Pirates? Have you ever watched a movie in 3-D?  :}

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  1. We are not fans at all of the 3D movie viewing. There were a couple of short moments of ahhh in How to train your dragon, but nothing in Toy Story or another one we saw (can’t even remember what it was now but I know it was of the kid variety). Three strikes and your out, as they say. For what you have to pay extra and the difficulty of keeping the glasses on the little ones, so as not to ruin their eyes, I doubt I will give it a fourth try. Oh, and I’ve never seen any of the pirate movies – I know, what’s the matter with me 🙂

  2. I like 3-D movies, but 3-D in the very front row is not so great. Especially when it’s Spiderman and he’s flying all over the place. (we were late so we got really bad seats) I usually like them though.
    So how was the Pirates of the Caribbean 2? I hear that they tie up a missionary and he later falls for this demon mermaid or something. Hum.. Let me know. Sounds weird.. hehe.

  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but want to. I don’t do so well with 3D movies. They make me a little sick. Weird vertigo thing I guess.

  4. Well–in my opinion the first Pirates was fabulous. The second was fine but I was confused through most of it. The third one was all over the place and if it hadn’t been for my boyfriend being the star, I’d have run out screaming something about nargles filling up my brain. I had no idea what was going on…AT ALL. It comforted me to read that none of the cast did either! Ha ha. But the last one had a good–pretty easy to follow story and Captain Jack was his old self again. I really liked it. I’d love to watch the first one with you…and then someday the new one. And did I mention that Johnny Depp is in it? :}

  5. For me–the missionary is one of the big heroes of the show. I really liked him. I was even ok with the mermaids because they behaved just like the legends say they do…no big surprise. And keep in mind–the humans are always trying to capture and kill the mermaids too. That makes us look kinda bad you know. :}
    I read a pioneer journal years ago where they talked about coming up on deck to see the mermaids and that everyone on the ship saw them. Seriously, they acted like they were no big deal–just very beautiful. Cool huh?
    Oh, and by the way–ALL the “Pirates” movies are weird…so, I’m good with it. hahaha!

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