Paddle Sharks

We spent the evening with some sweet friends last week, and just as the evening was winding down, somebody said, “Ohhhh….you can’t leave. We haven’t played ping pong yet.”

I thought, “Ping Pong? Seriously? Coool.”

So we stayed and they played and boy was I in for a surprise.

My kids were actually–good. Don’t get me wrong. These people from my household are good–spectacular even– at plenty of things, but we don’t have a ping pong table.

We’ve never had a ping pong table. So how did they just all know how to play so well? Hmmmm?

Cause I could have sworn I knew where these dudes have been for the past few years…but now…

I’m not so sure.


7 Replies to “Paddle Sharks”

  1. Growing up in Kansas City, KS we had a ping pong table in our basement. You know for all those tornado warnings and such. Anyway we spend hours down there playing and bonding as a family. It was so much fun!

  2. That would’ve been fun to see! 🙂 I like to see them having fun together. I wonder which of their friends let them practice. 😉 Maybe that’s something we’ll have to look into getting someday. 😀

  3. We used to play on break at work. Dane played there a lot too on the night shift. His supervisor was really good, and so was his team lead, so Dane got some really good games in there. I remember once on the crazy 24 hour shifts going on break to play ping pong at 3 or 4 in the morning just to stay awake until the “end of the day.” Crazy times.

  4. We had a ping pong table when I was growing up – it really was a lot of fun. And I know how you feel about “do I really know everything my kids have been doing?” because when Dave got home from his mission we went bowling for a first date and he got a strike in every frame but one! We were all convinced he’d been on the European Pro Bowlers Tour for 2 yrs instead 🙂

  5. My “kid” came home from his mission an amazing ping pong player. He even had to have a special paddle. Of course, he served the Chinese people and it seems to be their national past time. Someday I will have a ping pong table and I will practice so that I can beat my “kid”.

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