Our Silly Garden

We tried to be very stalwart this year and plant our garden–as usual…but something strange is going on here. I mean, really–it’s mid August and we’ve gotten exactly 4 cherry tomatoes so far. Four–and you’re looking at two of them.

I planted the ever-bearing type of strawberries…but I think the robins frightened the plants enough that they stopped producing. Oh, wait–that only happens with cows and chickens. Sorry.

Or I suppose it could be all those weeds causing the problem…but I doubt it.  :}

The parsley came up nicely–along with the orchard grass…in the weed free grow box. Ha ha.

And what–may I ask–is this lettuce-y thing growing in the onions? We didn’t even plant lettuce!

The peas are nice, but they’ve been in the ground for a month now and the pea pods are still scrawny. Is it the dirt? Is it the heat? Is it the moon?

Or is it…just…


I’m hoping it will all perk up soon–but I’ll take any advice I can get. In the meantime, I guess I’ll try more water…and keeping my fingers crossed.

Perhaps some chanting too.  “Growww-growww-growww.”

That should do it.


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  1. Don’t panic, every garden around here is much slower this year. They say it’s because of the very wet spring and cooler temps this summer. We have only had 2 tomatoes and we just got those last week (but they were beauties the size of a softball). Hoping for lots more to fill up all the empty salsa jars.

  2. Ok, well–that’s better. I may just pick the peas as they are since I’m hearing that it’s likely too late for them anyway. The tomato plants are still small and just silly looking. Kinda weird. The zucchini and pumpkins, however, are going nuts. :}

  3. I don’t know where you live, but peas should be planted very early in the spring. Here in the southeast (northern GA) they are planted while the weather is still pretty cold, but will germinate when the soil is the right temperature, and are finished bearing by Memorial Day – they can’t take heat. But if the cucumber is from your garden, then it’s just too late in the season for your peas to produce, unless they surviv the heat and start bearing in the cool weather of fall. Also, the lettuce may be from a plant that went to seed last year.

  4. We’re in Utah and usually, we can plant a couple of rounds of peas and have them do fine. But this year we’ve gone from rain to heat back and forth, over and over. Poor little plants–it’s really confusing them. The cucumber is from the same garden…so I suppose you’re right, they’re just getting cooked on the vine. Thanks so much.

  5. You’re welcome. We wanna-be gardeners have to help each other out from time to time. I’m nearly 70 yrs old and learn something new about gardening every year (usually several things!) But the weather this whole year has been one for the record books – never seen the likes of it. We had lots of snow last winter (unusual for us), lots of rain in the spring, then dry, heat, dry heat & more dry heat.
    BTW, I love your daily emails – a ray of sunshine, truly.

  6. Ours has been really slow this year, too! Our peppers seem like they’re taking FOREVER!!!! Maybe next year will be better 🙂

  7. I wanted to get really adventurous and make salsa like my idol Lynnette does. But one would need TOMATOES to do that. Sheesh. I’ll be buying them at the stand at this rate. 😕

  8. I understand the feeling. My cilantro was great until after our first harvest, it didn’t come back, and the tomatoes are all green, all 6 or 7 of them. They just won’t turn red.

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