Tender Mercies or Grandmother Willow’s Bad Night

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I just happened to mention that Grandmother Willow–the one in our yard–was a willful, unruly soul?

Well, last night’s windstorm taught her a thing or two.

It was actually pretty ominous to see the enormous…

heavy branches…

that were–not doubt–capable of doing some serious damage…

to a strong and sturdy house, or the not so strong and sturdy people inside it…

come apart in the middle of the night with a mighty crack…

only to fall and hover about 6 inches above a flimsy little wooden fence…

without doing one tiny speck of damage.

What an incredible blessing.

“Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count past mercies.”
                                                                                                              ~Charles E. Jefferson


4 Replies to “Tender Mercies or Grandmother Willow’s Bad Night”

  1. Did it already have a tiny split? If not that windstorm was horrible and all of us are lucky that are homes are still standing.

  2. Not that I’m aware of–but you know how willow trees are. They just send shoots out from all over the place–which can be so unstable. But the funny thing is that the limb that we expected to break, isn’t even the one that went. But believe me, they’re both gone now. 😕

  3. I’m pretty darn glad that when Grandmother Willow threw out her back she didn’t take out the neighbor’s fence or our house. That was nice of her. 😉 She is one HUGE tree.

  4. That really was some storm!! I was in Eagle Mountain Sunday night and was up to see the storm. SO glad she didn’t do any damage

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