Old Daddy Willow

100 happy days #45…with a bit of sadness mixed in.


Woke up the other day to this outside the window.


Luckily, we knew ahead of time that it was happening…but still…


after as many years as we have lived here…


and after as many years as this old tree has lived here…


it was still a shock to see it coming down.

Believe me, we don’t take this kind of thing lightly, especially when it’s such an ancient, beautiful tree.


But, sadly, the wind storms that we’ve had lately have taken out so many big limbs and damaged so many others, that we realized that the next limbs to go would likely take the neighbors roof–or worse yet, their children’s play set–out with it.


THAT was too big of a risk and it wasn’t worth taking. So the only thing to do was to remove the risk completely.

001 (2)

But ooooh, it was a sad, sad day.

A 072

We’ll certainly miss that old guy in the corner.


3 Replies to “Old Daddy Willow”

  1. Oh I know what you mean. I sure do love those old trees too! It’s always sad to see one go. At least you have the photos to remember it by! We had a big willow in the yard I grew up in (a loooooooong time ago!) ha! Enjoy the 4th, Launi, and keep posting! I look forward to it!

  2. Thank you sooo much for commenting Pam. I have slowed down because–well, as you can see, I don’t get very many comments. It means a lot to me–more than you know. 😀

  3. It still makes me sad that it had to go… but I’m not anywhere near as scared/anxious during the rain and wind storms now. I miss it’s fantastic shade though. 🙁

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