Plum Heaven

It’s a dream of mine to have a fruit tree that –actually produces lots of beautiful, clean, yummy fruit. You know the kind. Bushes of peaches. Bowls of pears. Buckets of cherries.

So far this year, the peach blossoms froze, the apples flung themselves to the ground for some unknown reason, and the pears… well, there were six pears that are still hard as a plate of funny looking green rocks. Honestly, they kind of scare me.

Now, Lyndi and Nate on the other hand have more grown up trees that seem to have their feet under them, so to speak. At any rate they apparently know what they’re doing more than my trees do. Peaches earlier in the summer and now–look at these plumbs!! They were so juicy and perfect that I had to just stare at them for awhile. A very short while, mind you. Four days to be exact. Yeah, I pretty much ate them all.

My dad would say, “Those plumbs were no good. They didn’t keep!

Get it?! They didn’t KEEP?! HA!

I guess we’ll be needing a plumb tree.

Shayah In The Snow

I came out to take a video of the beautiful snow coming down and sweet little Shayah came out to join me. Apparently, her Russian constitution makes her very brave in all that snow.


Autumn In My Own Yard

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, but sadly, it seems to go by in a flash.

I barely have time to see all the changes that are taking place right under my nose,  never mind absorb them all.

Just as soon as I’m enjoying one lovely transformation of color…

another appears…


and another…


Oh, my goodness! How do people live without all of this gorgeous-ness?


What I wish, is that the actual season of Fall would last a full three months–with all those colors on the trees…

instead of appearing one day and floating to the ground the very next.

Or so it seems.


I suppose the only thing to do is to go outside and crunch around in it more. Perhaps a little each day–instead of sitting and watching it all from the window.

Yeah. I can do that.

Old Daddy Willow

100 happy days #45…with a bit of sadness mixed in.


Woke up the other day to this outside the window.


Luckily, we knew ahead of time that it was happening…but still…


after as many years as we have lived here…


and after as many years as this old tree has lived here…


it was still a shock to see it coming down.

Believe me, we don’t take this kind of thing lightly, especially when it’s such an ancient, beautiful tree.


But, sadly, the wind storms that we’ve had lately have taken out so many big limbs and damaged so many others, that we realized that the next limbs to go would likely take the neighbors roof–or worse yet, their children’s play set–out with it.


THAT was too big of a risk and it wasn’t worth taking. So the only thing to do was to remove the risk completely.

001 (2)

But ooooh, it was a sad, sad day.

A 072

We’ll certainly miss that old guy in the corner.