Day 3

July 16 380

Please insert one verse of Willie Nelson singing, “On the Road Again.” What are those roller coastery things in front of us any way? We don’t drive on stuff like that where I come from.

July 16 383

Don’t worry. New York roads aren’t this steep. I was just trying to be artsy, but instead I think it’s making me carsick….

July 16 378

Ooooh—looky. Another toll booth. What a shockeroo. I told you…they are everywhere.

July 16 364

About midway, we pulled over for a roadside picnic.

July 16 363

My personal favorite item? Mini bananas! Who knew such a thing existed? Maybe they are from some teeny tiny tropical island, with really small people on it. ha ha

I crack myself up.

July 16 369

These cute babies just keep popping up.

Just a tad more driving and finally, finally we reach our destination—

July 16 393

Niagara Falls! Do you feel like you are stuck in the middle of some crazy people’s home movies? Well, that my friend, if because you ARE!

July 16 394

Be brave, little piglet. This place was cool—even from the American side.

July 16 399

The babies didn’t have passports to cross over to the Canadian side…

July 16 401

where most of the post cards come from.

July 16 402

It was simply beautiful…and big and loud and steep…

July 16 415

and no–we are not going down there to get reeally close.

July 16 411

In fact, this romantic place felt much safer for some of us, behind a sturdy glass wall.

July 16 400

It did, however, inspire a few folks to do some outrageous things.

Honestly, the nerve of some people.




Week #20 Food Storage Prompt: 20 lbs. of sugar

10 Replies to “Falling”

  1. You can get those tiny bananas every where in Brazil. I couldn’t believe how cute they are!

  2. I’m still such a fan of roadtrips, but it is different with little niblets along for the ride! 😉 I hope Baby Chomp grows up and LOVES them so that we can adventure all over the place!

    Those toll booths were breeding, I swear!

    “They’re kissing!!! HA HA!” ~Disney’s Robin Hood

  3. Niagara Falls is gorgeous on both sides. I have seen those baby bananas at Albertsons. What a fun trip!

  4. Looks like you are having a fabulous trip. I’m jealous. I love how you are sharing your vacation with us. I almost feel like I am there. Almost. And dang those toll roads. They are starting to show up here in California. We are suppose to have FREEWAYS!!!!

  5. I know you don’t know me, but I was stumbling through….and I started being nosey on your site, and noticed that you are traveling in Upstate NY! Where are you headed? I live in WAY upstate NY! LOL!

    I hope you have a very good and safe trip!

    Enjoy the green we have had so much rain the past month that there is little else that NY can be right now!


    PS> Chompy is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. With her whole family having severe ‘wanderlust” how could Chompy help but love road trips? I love cars better than planes anyway.

  7. No way! We have Barbie bananas right in our own town? You’ve got to be kidding! Shows how closely I look around when I shop.

  8. New York is wonderful. Thanks for saying this, Kim. I was afraid that maybe people would start screaming, “Enough home movies already!”

    We need to have a toll-booth protest or something. Or you could just move up here. We don’t have them…yet.

  9. We are truly enjoying ourselves. My daughter was in the Hill Cumorah Pageant so we came to see her and need to see the big city as well. We are about to pack up and move here because of all the green and the beautiful old farm houses. They are gorgeous!

    And I agree–Chompy is beautiful. Thanks!

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