My New Love…

Christmas 2009 031

Oh, yes. I am in love again. This does happen quite frequently–doesn’t it?

If you have the deep and abiding love of peppermint–like I do, then my wish for you is that you have this lovely experience sometime in your life. Purely, pepperminty hand lotion. Have you ever heard of such a thing? This particular brand is from William Sonoma–I know, I know…just a tad snooty. But oh my goodness! This was just the perfect little touch of luxury that I was needing right about now, you know? Didn’t hurt my feelings at all that it was 50% off either! Might just be a great gift for Valentine’s Day–if you throw the hints the right way.

My little Jillian tucked this surprise in with some other Christmas goodies and let me just say, “Hea-ven!” It smells just like my daddy’s “sugar room” from when I was a kid. He was a chef and made candy and cakes and pulled sugar taffy that always smelled like peppermint. Mmmmmm.

It’s all I can do not to lick my fingers—but even I know that would be unwise. I have no idea if the brand makes a difference or not–but I’m telling you…

If you get the chance to be near Peppermint lotion in this or the next life–take it. Or come over to my house and I’ll share a smidge…just a smidge.

Then you gotta get your own.

11 Replies to “My New Love…”

  1. I LOVE this stuff! Bath and Body works makes a 3 in 1 (shampoo, body wash, bubble bath) that is simply amazing! Love your daily dose of Gracious rain!

  2. This makes me think of “Anastasia” the movie. In it she doesn’t have a memory of who she is or who she belongs with. When she meets the woman who is indeed her grandma, she remembers the peppermint smell. The grandmother used peppermint oil for her hands.

  3. Mmmm…I LOVE peppermint! Last year after Christmas I stocked up on Bath and Body Works Peppermint soap and body spray. If you want something super yummy, try making a cup of Hot Cocoa and adding peppermint ice cream to it. Heaven! BTW…I swear you and the bald kid look so familiar, but I can’t place where.

  4. Oh, I’m going to go grab that right up. I adore peppermint. I bet that feels really good on your head–as a shampoo. Thanks for telling me about it. Wahooo!

  5. I love things that smell like something you can recognize… I’m not so into random perfume-y smells. This one is probably great! 🙂 I like seeing what makes you happy, and what you fall in love with!

  6. Oh, myyyy. That DOES sound good. Holy cow.

    We look familiar? Wellll….where do you live? We are in Utah. Do you hang out in these parts? Have you ever been here?

  7. Currently, I live in MD, but I grew up in Utah and spent some time there while hubby went to school. I also spent some time at PCMC as a teen due to cancer. Maybe?

  8. We were in the Provo 4th ward of the North Park Stake. I thought about taking hypnobirthing classes while I was there, but didn’t end up following through. I grew up in the Ogden area.

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