My Little Garden

No, no…I didn’t win the chicken boxes. But don’t worry…I only cried for an hour.  Maybe they found out that right this minute I only have this pretend chicken in my garden, who is perfectly content to sit under the rose bush among the grass clippings…without an incredibly cool nesting cubicle thingy. But I will have chickens someday.

Ok…I’m over it.

Is your garden like ours–all spent and spindley and nearly begging to be pulled up?

The strawberry sentry squirrel is still guarding away…

even though there’s only one brave strawberry left to scare the birds away from.

And good old laughing Buddah-man is still raising the roof…

whether or not the ridiculous tomatoes EVER turn red…before Christmas that is.

Spinny-wing rooster is a perfect match for…

the over achieving super hot peppers…that I’m afraid to pick….so they just keep growing…and growing. I guess what I’m really saying here is that I’m about ready for the garden gnomes to shut it all down for the season. Till it under, trim it back or dig it up so that it feels right and proper to move on…

to our beloved crab apples!

Then it will truly be Autumn.

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16 Replies to “My Little Garden”

  1. Hey man.. if you’re really not going to pick those peppers, we’ll come swipe them for you! 🙂 My poor garden didn’t do so well. :(BTW, that chicken looks real! 🙂

  2. Our garden is about done for now, too! It did so well until a few weeks ago when the powdery mildew struck!!! Our peppers are still doing great, though! And our tomatoes 🙂 Love the garden guarders!!!

  3. Launi, You ought to have a give away and send out those peppers! (either that or try and pickle them into jars or make so pepper jelly. My garden seemed to grow more swiss chard than anything else. Next year, I am planting cucumbers! I discovered how to make amazing bread and butter pickles this year and I wish I would have been able to make ten more jars or so!! Love you garden ornaments. Maybe if I try that, it will grow better next year!

  4. Ewwwwwah! Mildew…dang. No chance of that over here–I keep forgetting to water my stuff. Maybe that’s why my garden just never seem….um….committed this year.

  5. See, and we have a neighbor who couldn’t get the swiss chard to do anything. Pepper jelly. hmmmm….

    And usually I’m the cucumber queen and this year they we all viney and kinda nasty looking…and tasting. There’s something strange going on here…

    But I do believe the little garden guardians helped hold back the robins from my strawberries. Take that, Robins! ha!

  6. I’m still wishing there were pumpkins out there. 🙁 I think I’ll buy some then come home and put them out there so I can just pretend they’ve been there all along! 😉 I love your little garden friends.

  7. It’s not just you, Launi – my cucumbers are the same – and I put in the “good dirt” just this spring. I was expecting them to look like – well – maybe a bit more on the prizewinning side. I think we may have a few scrawny looking cucumbers – I even planted three different varieties. 😛 I have never had cucumbers do this (I had thought of them as an easy to do crop – since I have always had them do well.)
    Last year, my zucchini suffered – and I KNEW something was not right, there. They were only OK this year.

  8. Phew~ Yeah, it’s almost eerie because I just kept expecting them to be my “feel good” crop and seriously, there were very few that I even wanted to eat. Felt pretty lame to have to buy cucumbers at the store–in September. yikes.

  9. We passed a pumpkin patch yesterday on the side of the highway and as pretty as it was–I was really missing them in our yard. We won’t neglect them ever again!

  10. I’m going to scope out some new recipes but ultimately, I’m sure it will be a jelly of some sort. I’m curious to see if a Crabby White Grape would work. What do you think?

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