New Kids In Town

I’d like you to meet a few new friends that have just recently moved in at our place.

First we have Miss Yin Yang…

then Brave Running Water…

and Miss Hula Lula.

Then we have Miss Dutchy Dikewater…

and Jose’ Noway.

All of these little finger babies came to play with us from Wee Knit–one of our favorite places.  Oh, we love these sweet things so we gave them their own apartment in an Altoids box. They are sooo happy–and we are sooo happy. You might just need to have some come live with you–then you’ll be happy too!

Group hug…

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9 Replies to “New Kids In Town”

  1. You made my day Launi! What a fun surprise to wake up this morning, make the usual stops at all my daily sites (Gracious Rain included), and find all the little Children of the World smiling at me. Thanks so much!

    P.S. We’re just finishing up a new Wizard Friends Set. I’m planning on sending you one for your Harry Potter party, so don’t let me forget.

  2. I have to make myself NOT look at the site because I have it in my head that I need them ALLLL. Our baby loves them for church and she makes them kiss and hug over and over. It’s so cute!

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