My Friend Beany

A Photo Essay by Baby Chomp–age 2

Photos courtesy of Baby Chomp

Once upon a time there was a big, old, very sleepy kitty named Beany.  Everyone told me since I was really little that I should leave him alone because he doesn’t really like kids.

They said that if I got too close or bothered him at all, he’d for sure scratch me, and if I scared him he just might bite…hard.

They said, believe it because he’s scratched lots of kids that didn’t.

Oh, they believe now.

But I’m not scared because Beany the cat is my friend. I like to sit by him and pet him and rub his back and hold his hands. I like to say, “Heeeere kitty-kitty-kitty,” like Grammie does so he’ll come sit by me. Sometimes, when no one is looking, I even give him a kiss on top of the head–and he lets me.

Maybe he scratches everyone else in the whole world—but he doesn’t scratch me.

I think he knows that I love him…

so Mr. Beany loves me right back.

Beany and Baby Chomp 2010


9 Replies to “My Friend Beany”

  1. Totally love this one today. We have a kitty just like that. She has bonded to one of the girls and everyone else had better leave her alone (unless, of course, she thinks she is going to LET you give her attention).

  2. I have a scratch on my arm this very minute from a…ahem…disagreement the Beany and I had the other day. But Chompy? Oh, SHE glows in the dark. haha. It’s pretty funny.

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