Easter Garden Carrots

You are about to see a lovely row of carrots in a whole new light–and totally garden dirt free.  This is one of those posts that don’t really need any words—but when did that ever stop me?

I saw these adorable carrot tops in Parent’s Magazine and didn’t bother to read the official instructions. I mean, seriously, how hard could it be?

Take a cute little marshmallow Circus Peanut…

and cut the top half from the bottom half…

like this.

Pinch the top half of the peanut into a carrot shape. Do whatever you want with the bottom half.

Now take the green Twizzlers from the pack and cut them into pieces about 1 inch long.

You can snip halfway down to make the “carrot top” flay a bit.

Once your favorite cupcakes are out of the oven, let them cool. Frost with white icing….

and assemble your carrots and then the green tops by pressing them into the frosting. What do you think? Aren’t they simple and amazing?

Yes…yes they are.

Now go forth my friends…and garden.



6 Replies to “Easter Garden Carrots”

  1. Those are really cute! When are we going to be hearing about the next Harry Potter? I can’t wait!

  2. Once we get past Easter, we’ll move on to Harry Potter. We’ve watched the Pt. 1 dvd about 4 times already. hee hee…

  3. Those are absolutely adorable and I love them! This post goes really well with your Spring header too 🙂

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