7 Replies to “My Beany~”

  1. Oh, that’s so very sad. I’m so sorry for the ache in your heart – I know Beany was very special. It’s really hard to lose a beloved pet. sigh.

  2. Hi Dear Lady with the ‘big blue eyes’. I enjoy your posts, however I do not enjoy sorrow. Loved pets are soothing balm to the soul. Your happy memories have earned a place in thought and future conversations. My sympathy for your loss. P

  3. I’m so, sooo sorry that your very dearest furry friend is gone… but it’s only for now. He’ll be happy, healthy and so excited to see you again someday! <3

  4. I have just found your blog following a Pinterest post, and see this lovely tribute to a beloved pet. My heart aches with you, and I’m so sorry for your loss. Having suffered the loss of beloved fur babies, I understand how much it hurts. (((((hugs))))

  5. :'( I miss him. I saw a shop that reminded me of him today. Remind me to tell you about it.

  6. And now….
    you’ve made me cry. I miss that kitty so much. I miss that first little “hello” every time I’d get up in the night. I”d have to answer, “Hey, Bean,” or he’d keep meowing until I did. I deeply miss having him to love and what he gave back to me in return. It’s just a big hole.

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