Mini Roadtrip

A Road Trip Tale

The other day, April called and said she needed to drive clear to the moon and back and did I want to come with her? You can’t actually make that long of a trip all by yourself, with two babies in the back seat. It’s not physically or emotionally possible without sacrificing a major portion of your sanity. Not smart either.

So, of course I wanted to come.

Besides the Logan trip is one of my personal favorites. Seriously, it’s quite a pretty, peaceful drive–as long as you can hand out fruit snacks to the two-year-olds in a timely enough fashion.

When we finally arrived at the shop, and April delivered her brand new quilt patterns, we decided that the day couldn’t possibly be over yet.

There was just more to see…and do…and buy…and…umm…nibble on.

So we scooted right on over to the Gossner’s cheese store, where we promptly bought out the rootbeer milk and squeeky cheese. No, there’s no more left. We got it all, so don’t even ask.

Still not satisfied–we kept right on driving until we reached the wicked, evil, marvelous, incredible cookie factory. I don’t have a picture of it for you because I was so excited to get there that my hands were shaking uncontrollably and it screwed up the picture.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But this is what the car middle space looked like for the drive home. I don’t know exactly where all those ridiculous cookies and crackers came from. Perhaps the rapid intake of sugar impaired my memory some how. Pretty sure they were allll for the kids. {insert diabolical laughter}

It did make the drive home more interesting…that is until the sugar highs plunged down to the sugar lows. But never you fear. Because just as we were about to sink into the depths of much-too-much-junk-ism, we found a lonely little fellow at a roadside stand–with a fresh-picked supply of…

Autumn raspberries!! Oh happy day!

We were saved!

Now we could drive all the way home in corrected blood sugar level peace and safety…or something.

In fact, we bought so many raspberries that we could eat our fill and do it again and STILL have enough to share with the neighbors and all of you guys and the cat! We could send you all a package, just as soon as we got home. What a great idea. Watch for them in your mailbox.

Oh, sorry. Beckham said no.

The End.

9 Replies to “Mini Roadtrip”

  1. Ahhh… the Logan trip is a lovely one indeed! 😀 How fun that this one wasn’t just to pick up treats, but to drop off some of April’s patterns as well. SO cool!

  2. What we should have done–was to swing by and snatch you up and FORCE you to come to our Harry Potter party. One of these days kiddo!

  3. Leftover raspberries….leftover raspberries…

    WHAT leftover raspberries?!
    Ok, ok…What I could wrestle from the bald kid–(two cups!), we froze for smoothies and muffins. YUM!

  4. I know I know – I am definitely gonna make it to one of your bashes one day. ;D They look like so much fun. I wish I weren’t drowning in puppet orders right now. I feel like my life won’t be my own until after Christmas. lol

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