Memorial Day…

One of the many, many days we love…because of what it has always meant to our family…

Alfred R. M. Beck–my great grampa

Johanna Sophia Beck–my great-grama

It’s a day to remember the people we have loved…

Elsie Beck–my grama

Clyde Mitchell–my grampa

and to show that love by decorating their resting places.

Andy Kirby and Marion Mitchell–my dad and mom

This sweet day seems to mean more to me every single year.

Hard to say just why.

Hope your Memorial Day was wonderful!

8 Replies to “Memorial Day…”

  1. Love the new background! We used to do that every year. Now we don’t live close enough to go and visit.

  2. I love Memorial Day… it’s nice to spend time together with family and to think about those that we never knew but are still grateful for, and those that we’re still missing lots. It helps me to remember to always enjoy my time with people so that I have plenty of happy memories with them when their gone. 🙂

    Oh, and I love the new background and header too! 🙂

  3. Where are all your people buried? We are pretty much all here so the only time we ever went to the cemetery was on vacation to visit grama. It’s nice to be able to go as a grown-up.

  4. Hot air balloons silly. wow…

    Hey, I’ve used the new pan 3 times already and I’ve lost count on the total number processed. Maybe you should clap or something.

    :] how are you?

  5. That is so neat you can visit your graves dated that far back and be this close to them. I can tell they aren’t in the same cemetery but are they here in the same county?

    Memorial Day has taken on a whole new meaning to me this year, as I’m sure you understand why. We didn’t ever visit the cemetery on Memorial Day before but definitely will be each year from now on.

  6. We thought of you while we were there… and we actually saw you walking as we drove up the street.

    I hope you were able to have a nice holiday… even though it was completely different. We love you!

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