Memorial Day~ As Always


We’ve been celebrating Memorial Day, the same way for years and years.  We take flowers to everyone we love that has passed away. We even take flowers to everyone that everyone WE love, loved. Absolutely everyone. Are you still with me?

That, my friends, is a boatload of flowers.


Then, we merrily retire to SOMEbody’s house–April’s, this time–for a anything that tastes good, potluck-type barbecue. Yummo.


We sit around and yak and tell stories and…


watch the itty-bitty kids…


and the grown-up kids play yard games…


and soak each other down with water balloons…


…and sometimes hoses.

Food. Family. Laughter. Love.


I think they’d be pleased.

Mom & Daddy…I miss you.

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  1. It’s always so much fun to be together with family. I appreciate the day to honor and remember those that gave their lives for us and love that we’ve combined it to remember why it’s all worth it.

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