Grown Up Toys


The kids got out the ancient Marbleworks set the other day.  They needed a little help at first because they’d never really seen it before. It’s been stored away with all the other toys that “Mom” can’t seem to part with. Yeah, I know. I have a problem letting go.

The kids played with the set for about an hour–a very noisy hour of marbles clanking and crashing and spilling and shooting all over the room–and kid laughing. Lots and lots of kids laughing. That was the best part.

Of course, after a while, the big guys had to get involved to show them how it really works.  Almost as much noise from the marbles, but not quite so much laughing. What can you expect? This is serious business.


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  1. We had so many hours of fun with those things… it’s nice to see that they’re still making people happy!

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