Lovely Things…

to contemplate on this chilly winter morning.

~A new batch of crocheting in the works with just the right combination of brights and softness to sooth my heart. And you know, in my medieval soul, it’s only truly beautiful if there’s some pink in it…somewhere.

~A crisp apple, some Christmas pistachios and a bowl of heavenly Greek yogurt. Thank you Greek yogurt people, you know, for inventing this stuff. Unbelievable.

~A ton more inspirational patterns to dream about and find yarn for– all jumping around in my silly little head just waiting to leap out. And it will, very soon…you’ll see.

~The warmest, most ridiculous, fleecy socks in the universe. Now all I need is to buy about 19 more pairs. It’s a whopin’ 18 degrees outside and I’m a huge fan of toasty feet and these do it. I LOVE them.

~The lovely little sweetheart’s birthday that we just barely had and the one that we may celebrate today if our 4-year-old darlings can get past the sniffles and coughing enough to have their  party. I hope…I hope…I hope.

~The age old dilemma–what to spread on the toast when there are too many incredible choices? Flip a coin.

Chokecherry Honey prevailed…for the first round.  :}

~Discovering the many ways you can photograph a basket of bananas. Currently, I’ve found 9, thank you, very much.

~A little dolly who knows how to share some of her most prized possessions with Grammy.

~And the little gray kitty who sleeps through it all.

What’s lovely in your world today?

4 Replies to “Lovely Things…”

  1. My 1 week old little girl sleeping in my arms and my 2 1/2 yr. old playing nicely by herself. šŸ˜‰

  2. sorry to hear the sniffles are visiting those you love. DoTerra’s On Guard would lick that in a day or less… I know I’m biased jsut now, as the ess.oils are new, but I’m usually miss sore throat of america, esp when not getting enough sleep, flying or teaching all day (or days)–have not been sick once since taking a drop or two per day. I have had the warning signs of the regular-uh oh-have that scratchy throat feeling-‘oh, I’m probably just behind on my water intake’ or ‘I’ll just go to bed a bit earlier tonight’ only to get sick. Haven’t had it at all-and during the house re-build, I sure could have been sick many times–lots of stress all the time.
    so, that is what I say is a lovely thing today. That and I have a full day( Sat) of teaching midwives CPR, Neonatal Resus and IV training…. send me patience, organizing midwives is like trying to herd cats…. send me the ability to be really entertaining for those that are taking these certification classes for the jillionth time and that if all unfolds as it should.

  3. I think the weather is quite lovely lately… it’s cold, but not soggy & scary to drive in. It’s not very Wintery though… and I am a fan of 4 separate seasons.

    It’s pretty lovely to have a wiggly little growing baby that has a big sister that’s excited about the whole idea on a new little one coming soon! šŸ™‚

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