Little Man In the Mirror

August 7 036

I don’t really have a simple caption for this one—other than sweet baby Beckham looking in a mirror. But I love the intensity of his dear little face as he stares into his own eyes.

Kinda makes me want to grab a mirror and look at myself just a bit more closely. Not so that I can find more wrinkles to cover–THAT could go on forever! But more so, to have an honest look at myself to decide if I am who I really want to be in this life. If not–why not? If not now–when?

I personally don’t mind a nudge forward from such a beloved source. Makes reflection much easier.

Aren’t babies and their innocence just so good for the soul?

3 Replies to “Little Man In the Mirror”

  1. I love that little dude!!! 😉 He’s sooo great! We’re pretty lucky to have so many sweet little people in our world!

    I think it would do each of us some good to really take a good look at ourselves! Thanks for the reminder!!!

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