It’s Baaaack~

100 Happy Days #28


Winter, I mean. We woke up to all of this stuff pelting the window with all it’s frosty, haily might. And man was it loud. The wind had the decency to blow it all into nice, tidy Camelot-type piles that really did just disappear altogether after an hour. The week of warm days was lovely, but I don’t mind a bit of snap back in the air for a little longer. After all, growling old March can only rage for a few more days and then it will most likely be forced–by April, to behave.

I like soup and hot chocolate enough that when it’s nippy out, I still clap.


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  1. I don’t mind the cold… as long as we get to stay inside! 😉 But I’m TOTALLY with you on loving soup and hot chocolate so that does help balance things out.

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