Crochet OCD

100 Happy Days #29

I have so many different crochet projects in the works that sincerely, I don’t even know what to post first. The thing is, I need lots of different things going on to suite the circumstances. For instance, I need something small and easy to take to the kids soccer games. I can do a bigger project with complicated instructions if I’ll be spending a few hours alone, uninterrupted. A big bulky, repetitive thing–like an afghan can sit beside me while I watch tv. And lastly, if it’s a project with lots of little pieces that need to be spread out and kept track of–well, that stays in my room where I can lay it out on the bed. See? There is actually order in my bazillion different bags, even if it seems like I need to settle down to focusing on one thing at a time.

Yeah. Ain’t gonna happen.

But do stay tuned. Next project in the ocd pile coming up soon.

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  1. I love that you’re always working on so many things… it is always a nice surprise to see what you’ll finish next! 🙂

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