in…yarn?  Yes, it can be done. And I can prove it.

In fact, if your going to cast someone in stone…I mean yarn, then let me tell you– we’ve got the place for you! A couple of months before Christmas, I asked my good friend Jenny Waters over at WeeKnit if she could help me with a sweet little surprise for my family this year.

After all—she was amazing when we asked for a Vampire and Werewolf puppet for our New Moon party.

Then we needed 100 sparkly skinned Edwards at the Eclipse party–and she pulled it off.  Next, we needed 50 Harrys, 25 Hagrids and 25 Dumbledores–for HP 7–and she didn’t even flinch!

So, when I asked for a little chef and his wife as a little remembrance of my parents to give to my brother and sister and their kids– you know–before too much time goes by–she wasn’t a bit scared.

In fact, I think she perfectly captured the essence of cuteness, that was my mom and dad…

don’t you?

17 Replies to “Immortalized…”

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can just hear some of the phrases those two would say when they’d see those. Love it!

  2. We love them so much!!! I was looking at them with Jesse and I could tell right away who they were supposed to be! Our kids thought they were so cool because they never got to meet Grandma and they loved Grandpa! Thanks so much!!!

  3. These are SOOO completely perfect! I love them! Jenny did an awesome job, like always! 😉 Thanks for being so thoughtful and creative. I’m happy to have a tangible way to share my memories of Grandma and Grandpa with Baby Chomp! 🙂

  4. My kids went around all day yesterday playing a baker and his wife. It was so cute. I told them who they were. That is the best thing, because it brings them into my thoughts EVERY time I see them. Perfect gift.

  5. Ahhh Launi…..This post put a huge smile on my face. I am so glad to hear that your family loved the little puppets! As always, thank you dear friend!

  6. Oh, I know. My cute little daddy would have just laughed–and mom would have been a bit distressed by the hair. But it was the best we could do. ha ha!

  7. If you didn’t know my mom–you really missed something. She was such a great lady. So soft and gentle and quiet. ~sigh.

  8. I’ll have to think of my next “project.” I still need to get the Christmas sets…a bit late though. I love your stuff–and of course…you!

  9. Your sweet mama was the person who made me feel most welcome and made such an impression on me when Jesse and I were dating. She was always so kind to me even though I was not a member and a bit of a rebel 🙂 I will never ever forget her 🙂 Thanks again

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