Here Birdy-birdy-birdy

If you look verrrry closely, you’ll see our baby bird, signing her version of the word…


She can’t help herself because you see–each day, more and more of our birds come back.

We can see them jostling for the seeds in the feeder.

We can watch them sitting on the deck rail all puffy feathered in the rain.

We can hear them cooing and singing us awake each morning.

And friends, we are very, very happy about it, because we’ve been waiting for a long time…

all of us.

And so Jiff is now banned to the basement until she learns better manners.

After all, we have guests.

Happy National Bird Day everyone!

Happy Birthday Kristen!


6 Replies to “Here Birdy-birdy-birdy”

  1. For those of us who know sign language, it is obvious what chompy is saying! Love this post because it has been such a looooong winter and I am so ready for spring! Our cat is banished to the window sill and will sit and dream about birdies all day long!

  2. That bird feeder is doing great things around your house. We don’t have that many in our yard which is good since Sadie is a little nervous around them.

  3. Welcome back birds!!! 😀 I love having all those different kind of birds around here… it sure is fun to hear and see them. I love that Baby Chomp enjoys them sooo much too! Such a fun post!

  4. We love our birdy feeder. I’m ready to hang up about 4 more. It attracts the most beautiful little chirpers. Maybe Sadie can get used to them over here.


  5. What a selection of birds you have! So colourful. I don’t recognize all of them, must be different than the kinds we have here. Happy Birding!

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