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  1. The party was so awesome!! The giveaways were excellent! You guys worked so hard! Thank you again for letting us come! It is such a treat and I hope we can come to your next party!

  2. Yay!!! Lots of winners and so many awesome prizes! 😀 I hope you’ll spotlight some of the companies that did giveaways, and the stuff they carry. That would be fun! Thanks for arranging for all of that… it was SOOO much fun!

  3. So fun! I just realized I didn’t get my picture taken. Oh well, maybe next time. You guys did a great thing!

  4. Glad to see the party was a success!! I was also happy to see so many people I know in the pics. I do have one question though, since when does Cynthia have a twin? Have they been keeping her in an attic somewhere?

  5. man… and again I am so not happy I am stuck here in TC instead of Provo. I had to spend all day in a training, and then all evening re doing my notebook…. But I think we are gonna try to go see the movie tomorrow. I will think of you guys and how much more fun you had with those awesome prizes and goodies…. oh I do miss you all!!
    Oh, and I told everyone about your dear little daddy and his adventure with making a pumpkin pie tonight while we eat pumpkin pie. They thought it was awesome.

  6. OH, I get it…

    Well, it was very hard to do this particular post because every time I downloaded the pictures it resorted them in a different order. Quite maddening, if you know what I mean. Fear not…she is single once again.

  7. YOU my dear are awesome and of course we missed you terribly. Glad you could use the pumpkin story. It’s a good on for sure!


  8. Launi,
    I already left lots of love in a comment on a previous post but the party was so wonderful I think it deserves a little more. Thanks for making that the best premier party I have ever attended. You Andersons know how to do it up right. thank you for allowing me to participate and I’m hoping I behaved well enough to be invited back for the next 🙂 Thanks again!

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