Happy Thoughts

peterpan“Think of a Wonderful Thought…”

Did you happen to notice?

To the right of this post–way up at the top–there is a box that says “A Million Things To Be Happy About.” That was the place where you could click and read our huge list of things that make us happy. But not just us…you guys as well. We’ve tried very hard to add the happy comments to our list each time someone has left them.

Well, now it’s changed a bit. We have moved the “List” to a tab above. Look up, you’ll see it.” But the best part is that we’ve added your happy thoughts to the scrolling list at the top right side of this page. Look to the right…see it? Each quote will appear for about 8 seconds before randomly displaying another. Oh, I’ve added four or five of my own–if they were particularly brilliant, but for the most part, they are all yours. Don’t worry–only the first names will be posted.

If you’d like to be part of our scrolling happy list–all you have to do is add what makes you happy to this post—now, and any other time we are collecting. We’ll add your thoughts to the display and to the main “List.” Our goal is to inspire others to see the joy and beauty that is there, around them, all the time–if they will just look.

After all…happiness is a choice.

What do you say? Right this minute—what is making you happy?

Please tell us…we’d love to share!

7 Replies to “Happy Thoughts”

  1. Music I can sing to… and a place where I can sing it as loud as I want without anyone else around đŸ˜‰

    Learning how to use Photoshop.

    Neices and a nephew that make my heart melt with joy.

  2. Weddings…

    Getting together with friends that have lasted the test of time…

    Taking pictures…

    Sunshine and blooming flowers…

    Healthy dirt that wants something planted in it…

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