Get a Load of These…


By load I mean…


So, there we were, April, the babies and I driving along, minding our own business.

I casually say, “Hey did you know there’s a new bakery in Provo, on University. It sounds cute–Fairy something.”

She says, “Ooooh. Let’s go. Right now.”

Pretty sure she meant, “Right now before we have time to think about it more clearly. Right now, before we have a decent, low fat breakfast of Cheerios and half a banana…for the 27th morning in a row. Right now before we add up the treadmill time this trip will surely cost us.”

As we drove around in the strip mall, trying to find the silly place, I’m looking on both sides of the street, saying, “Where? Where is it?”  Then, suddenly, as if someone turned on a huge floodlight–which would have been completely unnecessary, since it was 10:00 in the morning–but you know–like that, we could just FEEL that the place was near. Turning in slow motion, to the right…we found it.


Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop

Oh my…I think the theme song to Gone With the Wind might have been playing right about now.

We unbuckled the babies and walked cautiously towards the shop. I had goose bumps up and down my arms—no doubt because of the music–and had to suppress the urge to giggle like a 4 year old.


Now, please believe me–I tried to be mature about this. You need to understand that this place was so perfect, all pink and sparkly and fairies and magic–and I haven’t even mentioned the cupcakes yet. That is because as I remember the experience my breathing screws up. I think I may be hyperventilating.


The frosting alone was worth the trip. Heck, looking at the frosting alone, was worth the trip. Wisely,  April has a wrangle grip on Beckham and I had Lily on my hip to avoid any Tasmanian-type rampage. And how could we have blamed them if they had gone completely berserk? We were having a hard time not licking the glass ourselves. The only words that would come out of my mouth were, “Oooohh…man. We’re in so much trouble.”


Sixteen month old, Lily takes one look at the display cases filled with enough sugar to send any regular Jane into a diabetic coma, points to the tray full of  cupcakes and says, “Do it!”

I couldn’t agree more.


The pretty little gal behind the counter would have to admit that once we got the uncontrollable shaking stopped, we were pretty rational.  One each, we told ourselves. That didn’t work because I wanted the Key Lime but I needed the Strawberry Shortcake. So naturally that meant that April needed to choose two–just to be fair. She chose orange and peanut butter cup.


Now most people know that you really can’t put four cupcakes in a box that is designed to hold six cupcakes. It totally messes up the balance of the box-not to mention life in a parallel universe, plus those empty spaces just look stupid.  There was nothing for it but to choose one more…each. She chose the vaNIEla (Named after Stephanie Nielson of NieNie dialogue fame) and I chose chocolate mint–because I had no choice. It was calling to me.

We came promptly home and cut the gooey little beauties in fourths so that we could all have a taste of each. They were all wonderful–of course, but Key Lime is worth crawling to Denver and back for…in my opinion. April’s favorite was the orange. Jillian loved the peanut butter cup. I’ll get back to you on Lyndi’s favorite.

What a heavenly, magnamonious, perfectly perfect afternoon.


Oh, and no, we didn’t tell the men. What they don’t know, we don’t have to share.

hee hee…




Week 10 Food Storage Prompt:

4 cans of tuna; 4 boxes of macaroni and cheese.

11 Replies to “Get a Load of These…”

  1. My neighbor brought me some, and yes- I can understand the shaking… My favorite of the ones I tried was the vanilla. Oh.My.Goodness. The frosting was to die for. I think I might ask if I can just buy a tub of her frosting… 🙂

  2. Those are some hard-core cupcakes!!! 🙂 After checking the websites there are a couple more flavors I think we need to try… Sooo, my vote is NOT in yet. 😉

    I love Lily’s response!!! That still just cracks me up!!!

    Oh… and the jig is up with the boys… they know!!! 🙂 We’ll have to go again and share this time!

  3. I love the way you tell these stories!! LOL it just makes me so happy!! I want to go see this shop… those look amazing… I will have to either go out with Jilly or beg my husband to take me… except that he can’t eat solid food right now because he just had a wisdom tooth pulled today.

  4. Launi!

    Oh my goodness! This shop is right around the corner from our office and it is DANGEROUS! Any time I have a sweet tooth (which is often because I’m pregnant! ;o)) we go around the corner and grab something! I always have to grab a Double Fudge Cake Bite (or 6 since they come in packages of 6…!) and just about always grab a sugar cookie too (complete with the decadent frosting you mentioned)! ;o) I LOVE this place… it is one of my latest retreats! I suggest it to people all of the time and even brought a ton of cake bites to my own baby shower! hehe! Anyway, if you like chocolate – you MUST (yes MUST) try to double fudge cake bites… they are to die for!

  5. Yummy! Great now i have to go down there and try them! 😉 It’s Kyras birthday in June we might just have to have cupcakes instead of a cake!

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