Halloween Cupcakes–SPOOKY!

We started out with two cake mixes–one chocolate and one vanilla, white melting chocolate, one package each of Nutter Butters, Milano cookies, Autumn Mix candy, Red Vines, Halloween Jellies, two tubs of frosting and a variety of sprinkles. Here’s where that went…

Believe me, it didn’t take as long to eat them as it did to make them….yum!

8 Replies to “Halloween Cupcakes–SPOOKY!”

  1. Wow, I feel totally stupid bringing my sad cupcakes for your birthday when you guys are apparently capable of making the most awesome cupcakes ever!

  2. Kris-TEN! You just quit that right this minute. :]
    I absolutely loved your cupcakes and was even tempted to eat one with coconut on it. So there. This cupcake fest happened on a day when the girls’ creative juices were really flowing and by-the-way, I didn’t show you the reject pile. It was pretty nasty.

    Your cupcakes were beautiful and the perfect touch for my birthday. Thank you thank you. Oh, and I want to tell you too–I set my sweet book-that you gave me–up on my shelf, in my room, where I can see it. I swear, every time I glance over and see that pretty cover it makes my heart pound. I really love it and can’t wait to read it. Thank you.

  3. This was sooo much fun!!! We’ll have to keep thinking of even more styles and use different candies and see what we can come up with! *:D*

  4. Oh, sweetie, you DO! That’s the whole point. We just dunked them in frosting and put candy all over them. Some were terribly lame…but some turned out very cute. Nice thing is–they all tasted great!

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