Neighborhood Spooks

Let’s just say…

A 263

that you made a fabulous treat…


and you actually had enough to share…

A 264

…with the sweet neighbor who fed your cat while you were in Yellowstone last month. Here, my friends–is a lovely way to do it and spread the joy all over the neighborhood.

A 262

We showed this last year, but it bears repeating. It’s always fun to get spooked around Halloween time—especially when it’s with something sweet! The idea of this easy neighborhood game is to leave a treat on the porch of a friend–along with sign–like this– for their door. Try to be sneaky about it–don’t get caught. It used to be fun to keep your identity a secret, but these days you just can’t feed your family anything unless you know where it came from. So be sure to sign the ghost picture–tape it lightly to their door and run. Then, they  take a treat to another friend or neighbor–if they’d like to and so on. This can keep the fun going until Halloween night.

Note: I always send along 5 or 6 copies of the Ghost door sign– to save them the trouble of having to copy more for their neighbors. Be sure to click on the word “spooked” to print the ghost sign.

Happy Haunting!

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  1. I haven’t left-a-treat-and-ran in a while! I’ll have to think of someone deserving for such an effort! 😉 Ha ha ha! Maybe I’ll get brave and leave the house… even though it’s suddenly so chilly… neighbors need treats, and I need hot chocolate! 😉

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