Halloween Candy Garland

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This is one of those fun, fast, easy and REALLY cute little crafty things that you can whip up while the kids are at school.

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Grab up some twisty wrapped Halloween candy—taffy, Tootsie rolls, Jolly Ranchers–whatever. I liked the looks of the Candy Corn and peanut butter taffies…a bit more Halloweenish to me.

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Using black, orange or whatever color string or yarn—chain 10 and join in a circle–this will be the loop you can hang your candy chain with when you are all finished. Now, just continue to chain about 15 more stitches.

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Take your hook out of the last chain and wrap it around one end of the candy.

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Pull the stitch to hold the candy tight.

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Now, wrap the string around the other end of the candy–twice should do it.

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Put your hook under the string across the candy. Grab the yarn and pull it under.

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Continue to chain 15 more stitches. Keep adding candy until you are buried in candy garland. What a way to go!

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It will be a lovely thing—that could wrap clear around the house if you’d like. Just depends on how much candy you have and how long you sit there stitching.

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As I said, fun, fast, easy and sooooo cute. You’ll be crowned “Super Mom” for sure.

There’s only one teeny tiny problem that I can see…

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6 Replies to “Halloween Candy Garland”

  1. Good idea! How do I keep the kids away from it long enough to enjoy the aesthethics of it?! 🙂

  2. Welllll….I’m thinking that this is the garland that you hang really high–you know, up by the ceiling—like crown molding! :]

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