And the Winner Is…

Ahhhh….I mean,

the Winners are

Bibs 060

1) Little Punkin’ Toddler Hat


“I love the hat! I voted today, hooray!”


Bibs 118

2) Webkins Elephant and stuff


“Just found your site and loving it. My kids would be so excited to find this cute little guy wrapped up for Christmas. How cute is he!!!”


AA 007

3) Pumpkin Candy Jar and Loot


“LOVE this dish!! And of course the candy inside as well!”  :)


AA 013

4) Veggie Tales Pirate Movie and Booty


“Enter me in this one please, seems I now have a pirate living in MY house too!”


Copy of Purses 016

5) greenWinkle Water Lily Bagbag


“I’m impressed with the talent you have. To be able to turn plastic bags into such a beautiful bag amazes me.”


6) GeneTree DNA Test Kit


“It would be a dream to win this giveaway. I am an avid genealogist!”



7) 2 New Moon Opening Night Tickets and Party


“Sure, I love a passionate vamp, but Edward can bite me. I’m going into this one like I never read the last two books (yes, living dangerously in the moment) and I say…go Team Jacob! I say Edward could even be Team Jacob at this point. Without Jacob his girl would be as cold as a coffin nail. No amount of being a romantic makes it okay for a “man” with a genuine soul mate to abandon her because of his own lousy fears, and Edward gets no love from me here. Bah! Jacob saves not only Bella’s life (oh, that’s right, several times) but her sanity as well. That’s right baby!! TEAM JACOB IS WHERE IT’S AT!! Go TEAM JACOB!!”

Congratulations to everyone—and thanks for entering!

8 Replies to “And the Winner Is…”

  1. YAHOO for winners!!! *:D* I love it when you announce winners of stuff… so this is SUPER awesome!!! LOTS of winners! YAY!!!

    Congratulations everyone!!!

  2. YAY! I can’t believe I won something! 🙂 You’re so awesome to have these great giveaways!! Go Launi!!

  3. Oh happy day!! Thank you so much for having this awesome website and the chance to win totally rad stuff! I’ve never won a drawing and this is the best possible prize…let’s party! All our love, Klint and Emily

  4. Thank you, THANK YOU!!

    I love the new header by the way. The pictures are so cozy. The leaf one is my favorite!

  5. Congrats winners! Speaking of winners, will you post the results of Divine Caroline for us when it is final? I hope you get lots of votes! 🙂

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