Gracious Rain has been Hijacked!

Hi faithful readers of my mom’s blog!

I (April) have hijacked Gracious Rain for a day or so, so that we can do something fun for my mom. Her birthday is tomorrow, and so, naturally, I decided to make her think her blog is broken.

For a good cause.

I’ve blocked her from seeing this, so that we can pull off a super fun plan.

If you have ever read a post here and loved it, or it made you smile, or you’ve made a yummy treat or dinner because of something here—would you please, please, please make a comment on tomorrow’s post wishing my mom a happy birthday? It would really, REALLY, REALLY make her day.

I thought about asking people who want to to email me with stories about my mom, or pictures of her growing up, or whatever, and certainly you still can (april 7 marie at hotmail dot com) and I will post them throughout the day Monday…but if you only have a little time, just make a comment. If you have more time, but no stories or pictures, make comments on other posts you’ve enjoyed, share this blog with your friends, tweet about it, facebook about it, whatever. Those cute buttons at the bottom of the post make it really easy.

My mom works so hard on this blog, and I just want her to know how much we all look forward to hearing from her every morning, and I want her to be successful. To be able to share her blog with anyone who would love it. It takes a crazy amount of dedication to post on a daily blog. A LOT! So, my friends, just a little favor, if you don’t mind. I’d appreciate it.

Here’s to birthday surprises, and many more Gracious Rain-y birthdays for the lovely Launi.



13 Replies to “Gracious Rain has been Hijacked!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Launi!!!!

    You work so hard to make other people’s lives better-I hope that you have a fabulous birthday! Love to you!

    Love, Meg

  2. You certainly know how to throw a party…so I hope you have one FABULOUS Birthday Party!!! It’s been so great getting to know you!! đŸ˜€ Have an AMAZING day

  3. Happy Birthday Launi!!! You are just so fun to listen to. I always enjoyed your Sunday School lessons. Hope you have one of the best birthdays ever:)

  4. So do I ! I miss you soo much. Colorado is just not that far away. We need to plan an outing of some kind and go play. Wouldn’t that be so much fun?!

  5. Well, I’m still teaching those silly things just up the street in the Aspen 5 ward. Come on over any time! It’s positively my favorite calling. Thank so much for your kind words and wishes. It was so good to talk to Ashley the other evening. Such a great family.


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