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  1. Aunt Launi, thank you for being the creative person that you are. I love to come on here EVERY day and see what else you have come up with to make all of us no talent people APPEAR talented :). You are amazing. Hey, can you do another post on the cake suckers? I want to do them for my Halloween Party that I am having this year. They were so yummy. From what I remember, it was gingerbread cake, but what do I know.

    Happy Birthday my wonderful Aunt. You are blessed beyond measure because of your willingness to share your talents with the world. Continue making us smile daily (by the way, I totally am going to get a flapper hat for my next niece when I have one).

    We love you and know that great things are coming your way 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday, Launi! I think your present (and Lyndi’s, too!) will be here tomorrow, hopefully!

  3. HaPPy BiRthDay!!!!! You are the best. You are the coolest mom ever! I remember thinking when I was younger I wanted a mom like you! I am so glad that I know you!

  4. Happy Birthday!! I am so glad to know you! You are so fun and talented. You are a great example as a mom, woman and daughter of God! You rock and I hope you have a great birthday!!

  5. Holy cow…you are so sweet. Thanks, honey for all your kind words and comments for the last hundred years! It makes me soooo happy.

  6. Oh, you rebel you…
    thanks so much. Let’s have a party and eat cake and ice cream and ummm….cheetoes and chocolate…and…and…you know…


  7. Seriously? Wow…I had no idea. You know, I tried to stay out of the way when my kids had parties and friends over–but I never could do it for long. Then later, I’d feel silly for butting in all the time. I just love you guys.

  8. There’s not really any way to incapsulate what you’ve meant to me for the last, well forever. Okay, so I know you have some California buddies that go WAY back but honestly the majorityof my life has had you in it. You have and continue to be an amazing inspiration to me. From the coupon and rebate days, working together on hand sewn Christmas ornaments (that are to this day the most precious things I add to my tree each year) while we prepared to be incredible moms (one of us is still working on that) to the present world of things not always working out like we planned, and going forward with determination and creative effort. I hope you know how much I appreciate your down to earth, no nonsense approach to life. Your blog makes me smile, laugh, cry and often gives me the smack I need to kick things into gear. Your efforts have inspired me to try new foods, see things in a different way, and try a little harder to be a little better. It’s really true what they say about one person being able to make all the difference – and so many times you have been that person for me. Thank you and I hope you have an amazing birthday surrounded by your wonderful family in person and those you touch each day from a distance. If you listen real close you’ll hear me singing too.
    Love you, Me

  9. Happy Birthday! I just love you a whole tonz! I am so lucky that you were put in my life. Have a great day!

  10. Happy Birthday Sis! Remember when your idea of a bad birthday was when you didn’t get to watch Hobo Kelly or H R Puffinstuff? Or how about when the neighbor girl taught you that if you found some used gum on the sidewalk, all you had to do was to pick it up, kiss it and hold it to the sky and God would bless it so it was okay for you to chew it? Or how about when Mom burned the popcorn but you ate it anyway, got sick on it and couldn’t stand to even look at popcorn for the next 2 years? (Oh wait, I think that was me…) Anyway, I hope you’ve learned that you can still have a fun birthday even without Hobo Kelly or Witchie-poo. Luv ya, & Happy Birthday! Your evil older brother… mwa-ha-ha-haa!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Launi!! I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you do! You have raised some amazing children, including my Best Friend, you perform miracles with people all the time helping them with bringing a new baby to this earth, you are an amazing cook, you are very creative, and you spend time everyday to share these wonderful parts of you with all of us on this amazing blog!! I love your blog and tell people about it all the time. I am so blessed to have known you and Jillian!! Thanks for everything.

  12. You are positively my favorite brother in the whole world. It makes me so happy that you remember all those names of those silly old shows. For some odd reason, they meant a lot to me…
    but oh my…so do you.
    Thanks so much for the wishes and for being such an incredible man that I have always and will always look up to. You are really a hero to me.

    I love you Andy.

  13. Thanks so much for the CARAMEL APPLE!! My absolute favorite and I’m going to hide away somewhere and eat it so nobody knows I’m doing it. You are so sweet to me. I love you honey.

  14. Happy birthday Launi!! I am so glad that I got to see you & Laurie when I was in Utah this summer. You haven’t changed a bit since we were teenagers. Well,maybe a little. But if I close my eyes, you are still the same person. I have so many fun memories of when we were teenagers, and again when both of us moved to Utah & you babysat Brandon. Sometimes I still wish that I lived in Utah so we could hang out. Take care my friend and keep this fabulous blog of yours going. I look forward to your blog posts everyday. Love you!!! Kim

  15. Ooooh, you sweet thing. What did you have to go and move away for. You just come back here this very minute. Thank you so much for your kindness and for being our friend. Are you coming to Harry Potter?

  16. Yeah, it’s best if you just “close your eyes.” Ha ha. You know sometimes I swear, I look in the mirror and go, “what the…? How did this happen?” How did we get to this place and our kids are where we were. It all happened so darn fast–didn’t it? I wish you were still up here too. We could go find Mary Jo in Colorado and go out on the town…or something. It was fabulous to see you my friend.

  17. AHHHHH!!! Happy BE-LATED birthday Aunt Launi!!!! We love you soooo much!!! I didn’t get a chance to check your blog yesterday (of course the one day!!!) I hope you had such a wonderful birthday — you sooooo deserve it!! I always look forward to visits with you because you are so stinkin’ dang funny!!!! I love your stories and the way you can always bring everyone in to listen! Thanks for always being so sweet to me (even back in “the day” when I wasn’t in the right place!)!!! You are amazing and I love ya!!

  18. Hey dear Sister!

    Your birthday was So much fun! I know it’s one of the best I’VE ever had!!!! Mark and I enjoyed the movie, but especially, your company! And the canyon was a RIOT!
    We’ve been laughing ever since….NO REALLY! He thinks you are amazing! (but the rest of us already knew that!) I love ya SOOOOOO MUCH! And I don’t know what I’d ever do without you!

  19. HI Launi,

    We’re doing so well. We’re settled in Mississippi now, as Dustin is attending MSU for his PhD. I’m planning on working on my birth story TODAY, and haven’t forgotten about it! 🙂

  20. I know I’m pretty late posting this but HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY LAUNI!! You’re an amazing woman and have raised some amazing children as well! Love ya!!

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