Gingerbread Houses 2022

Ohhhh my goodness! How many times have we made these crazy little houses?!

However, we haven’t actually done one quite like this. Notice the double chimneys. There’s your first hint.

See if you can figure it out.

I worked on this side of the house with my little brick planter and flowers and sweet rock pathway…

and only the stuff I particularly love– on the roof.

Ok, on half the roof.

There was someone else making a whole different building, with a totally different vibe, on the other side of this house.

Think of it like the ultimate Christmas duplex–if you will.

Mrs. Claus on one side and Mr. Grinch on the other. Haha.

It was very him–if you get my drift.

Hazel said that her house looked so good that she wanted to eat it. No one could think of a reason for her not to do it…

…so she did.

I hope we do this every year…


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