For the Baby Birds

On our little windy journey–Grammy found that a few new hats were in order. Luckily the crochet hook and cotton works very nicely on the drive with no car sickness…it’s a miracle, I tell you.

Wheat colored, ribbed with a stripe for Beckham.

Lacey pink picot point for Lily—don’t you love the pony tail holes?

And the same, Lacy Picot in cream for the little lady.

Ahh…busy fingers.

What a lovely way to feather the nest.

5 Replies to “For the Baby Birds”

  1. Launi, I really need to learn how to crochett! These are amazing and so cute! Lucky that you could do it for them so that you did not have to hunt for hard to find hats in the middle of “summer”. Love them!

  2. Lucky for me and Baby Chomp… we packed you along because SOMEone forgot to pack her hat! You’re amazing and I’m pretty glad you are willing and able to just whip them up a new one whenever they need one! Thanks Mom!

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