Trippy Food–Prairie Style

Remember last year’s Trippy Food–NYC Style? Well, this is the travel food prairie version.

Seemed like after driving on the lone highway, dry and dusty for miles and miles–we couldn’t help ourselves.  Whenever we saw an ice cream place the car automatically just swerved in…

all by it’s self.

Ok, I found a picture of one piece of the Asiago Bread from the Farmer’s Market…

and one teensy weensy corner of the Streusel Cake to show you. Neither of them lasted very long.

Of course the Peanut Spread and the Blueberry jam are like some kind of food of the Gods.

Yeah, so I checked and they DO eat them on Mt. Olympus. So there.

Ever heard of Taco Joe’s? Wunderbar. The thing on the right is a crunchy taco wrapped in a cheesy flour tortilla and then grilled like a burrito. I know–kind of a brain twist. But it was so good. And the crunchy taters came with everything. I’m all about crunch.

Wasn’t kidding about the ice cream stuff. I don’t even know where this was, but heck, it’s ice cream–how could you go wrong?

This was actually complimentary breakfast at the Holiday Inn where we stayed–cheese omelets and biscuits. Lovely.

Dairy Queen should really be in some hall of fame somewhere because it’s the absolute best ice cream in the kingdom. {sigh}

Very, yummy…very cinnamony cinnamon roll also from the hotel breakfast.

Twist cone…no words are needed.

Chicken Alfredo from a Roadside Steakhouse in South Dakota. Look at all that cheese. Dang.

Nothing beats the homemade roast beef and potatoes we whipped up on Sunday from our own little hotel room.

I heard that.

Oh, yes we did.

When you need the comfort and the taste of home doesn’t everyone call Pizza Hut? Hmmmm?  I’d like to just pluck that little piece on the left right through the computer screen.

I think I’ve figured out why they need all the trains around there. It’s for the busloads of ice cream that my family can eat in 5 days. It’s a disorder…

probably won’t be fixing it.

Roadside Steakhouse, SD. Three cheers for any joint that will whip up a grilled cheese for a two-year-old at a moment’s notice…

and bring out ribs like these on the same tray. One fell out of my slippery fingers and I swear I nearly cracked my head on the table trying to get it back.

No, I didn’t eat it…but I cried about it.

At the tail end McDonald’s really hit the spot. Really. Hey, I sincerely like McDonalds…nearly everyone can find something they love.

Thank Heavens somebody figured out the idea of food for us humans to eat.

It’s such a good idea.

12 Replies to “Trippy Food–Prairie Style”

  1. I’m pretty much in love with food too! 😀 I love to eat it! I love to take pictures of it! I love to think about it, read about it. Why don’t I love to make it? I’ll have to work on that! 😉 yUUUm!

  2. Oh yeah, Dairy Queen is one of our favorite places when we are traveling long distances. It somehow, breaks up the monotony of the long drive and gives the girls something to get excited about. There is just something about an ice cream cone in the afternoon that really hits the spot! The ribs look amazing! Sounds like you had a great trip!!! I can see, when we finally get to go there, that my diet will fly out the window!!!

  3. You had me until you got to the McDonald’s part. What a horrible way to end a perfectly good, mouth watering, wishing I was with you, oh what could I go make?, um I haven’t had ice cream in a long time – moment. Good thing, I guess – no problem sticking to my dietary restrictions now, I’m going for a jog instead! 🙂

  4. The best looking food was the roast and potatoes from the crockpot. Looks so good! I miss our Dairy Queen. 🙁

  5. Soar…that might be a better word than fly. ha ha. To me, that’s half the fun of the trip–where shall we eat next? I’m all about getting skinny, but not to the “missing the fun stuff in life” part. I’m not so good at dieting in the summer because I end up missing the barbecues and the ice cream and the stuff that brings everyone together. I’m braver when the weather is cooler.

  6. Horrible is a bit strong–don’t you think? I’m a big Fillet of Fish fan…and their ice cream is lovely too.

    You my dear, are so silly.


  7. Oh, I know…on both counts. I love roast beef and potatoes. And why did they take away our Dairy Queen and put up…oh, wait…NOTHING. Duh.

  8. One of the most depressing days of my life is when they took away our Dairy Queen. What were they thinking?????? Just to leave it an empty space to remind us how much we miss the wonderful, wonderful, DQ ice cream.
    I must agree on the McDonald’s comment. Ice cream yes, the rest of their food NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry to comment again, but I have to say… I’m in love with Dairy Queen and I think we were completely AWESOME for bringing a crock pot on our trip. I love finding random places to eat, but it’s always nice to find somewhere familiar to eat too! I’m not usually a fan of McDonald’s, but I’m not ready to join the hater club yet. It’s really nice to know what you’re getting yourself into with McDonald’s. I know that the little ones can get some exercise by running around the play place and that there will be somewhere clean to eat, use the rest room and just stop for a minute. If you notice we DID have a Pizza on the table too! 😉 I appreciated being able to get a salad and even some apple for Baby Chomp to snack on… and that helps me appreciate the world take-over of McDonald’s. 😉

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