Find the Cat

An old high school friend sent me this and it’s too fun not to share.

There is a perfectly camouflaged tabby cat in this picture–can you find it?

If  it’s  too hard–click on the picture to make it bigger. Maybe that will help.

I’d love to know how many people actually find the little guy–please let me know!

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20 Replies to “Find the Cat”

  1. Pretty funny to see 4 of us gathered around the computer and not one of us can find him. How about a hint? Above the road, below the road?

  2. WOW that was hard trying to find that cat!! I have to confess though that I did have to enlarge the picture to find him! 😉 I’m telling myself I only had to do that because he was SOOO well hidden and it has NOTHING to do with getting older and the eyes going……

  3. That is wild! The girls said no hint for them, they’re determined to spend more time after school and find it themselves. I’ll let you know.

  4. Ok, seriously? I looked this morning, and nothing. No cat. I found him just now. I think you changed out the picture between then and now. LOL.

  5. I found him in 4 seconds flat. I did make it bigger though. Good sign my glassess are still working. LOL

  6. Colleen posted that on FB the other day. I totally couldn’t find it. Looked at this when you first posted it… still couldn’t. Just happened to see it and bam there it was… finally!

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